Thursday, October 30, 2008

Run for your life

We were speaking in past classes of time-stretching, i.e. changing the duration of an audio source without changing its pitch. It obviously has some practical applications, and perhaps some creative ones, as well.

Here's something that gave me a huge laugh. Not something that bears repeating, maybe, but still, fun to share. I have not listened to the whole thing, because it's an hour long, but I think it's hilarious:
Run for your life is comprised of all of the Beatles' UK-released albums compressed into 1 hour!

Mark E. Smith of the Fall said that rock music (at least originally, in the 50's) was basically the abuse of instruments designed for other types of music. (He meant that, I think, in a good way.) In this case, the art work is the creative abuse of an effect that was designed for another application.

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Jim Briggs said...

Really fine points, Mark (and can't wait to check out Run For Your Life!).

The biggest obstacle to your creativity is going to be deciding that things sound the way they sound for a certain reason -- and never questioning it. That's why the exercise of listening to something, rather than for something, can give you some really fascinating insights.

I say manipulate to your hearts' content!