Friday, September 12, 2008

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Jim Briggs III

Audio Production

Monday, September 8, 2008

Matthew Heller


Sound Write Up

A Small Park

Matthew Heller


The movement and flow of air is the most prevalent and yet most difficult sound to follow with ones ear. The city creates a sound tunnel with its immense buildings. The street is a crevasse in metropolis. There is the grinding sound of a department truck to the right side of the street.  A moped buzzes then splashes through a large gutter-puddle spewing, the drops plunk to the ground. A cab door opens, and another and another. They close consecutively with a snap, clap and a whack. The ringing of squeaky breaks  echoes through the roads, the sound bounces off the high walls and glass entryways and windows. A woman in high heels clip-clops along the cobblestone path like a two-legged horse. A dog scampers behind a man who wears flip-flops  making flip-flop sounds. A fire truck sounds its siren roughly two blocks away. The rumble of subway below almost drowns out the sound of two men walking hard on the backs of their heels. Two women walk by and only their toes touch the pavement, they make a gliding sound. The park trees above sounds off the rustle of leaves and the clicking of branches. An S.U.V. crashes through another puddle. It’s big engine throttles forward. A man closes his umbrella with a zip, and a woman unbuttons her collar shirt by pulling it open letting the buttons all pop like packaging paper. Newspapers are shuffled and a plastic bag rattles against a construction cone. A girl slurps on an iced mocha, pigeons scatter, who Korean men haggle over business and a cell phone rings. A man pulls a suitcase and the wheels grind on the sidewalk behind him. A mother digs through her purse and a man wearing a gawdy beaded bracelet rattles as he passes by. A bicycle clicks like the winding of a grandfather clock, and a man with a broom and dustpan scoops litter from the gutter. A giant warehouse truck bumbles by bouncing on the road. A little bird chirps and another cell phone rings loudly.  A worker walking by rattles his keys in his hand and they jingle-jangle as a pound of newspapers drops to the ground. Ding, Ding! Another bicycle bell sounds. A taxi honks.         


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